The Top 5 Reasons to Order Checks Directly from Financial Institutions

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Though other forms of payment have been on the rise, checks are still as relevant as ever. Like checks, banks and credit unions remain vital, trusted parts of our financial and everyday lives.  

But where you get your checks from can have an outsized impact on your data security, your check quality, and even your check program’s affordability. Now more than ever, getting your checks directly from your financial institution is the best bet – even if online check vendors promise the moon. 

As younger generations navigate significant milestones in their adult lives, they’re choosing checks to pay for their most meaningful expenses. Community financial institutions are uniquely positioned to educate accountholders on the many benefits of ordering checks directly from banks or credit unions. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should order your checks from your financial institution. 

Why It Matters Where You Get Your Checks – A Main Street Guide

Even in the digital age, third-party check printers abound. Ordering from a trusted financial institution remains the safest and possibly even the cheapest choice for numerous reasons.  

Here’s why ordering checks exclusively from a bank or credit union matters. 

Reason #1 – Enhanced Security & Compliance

When accountholders order checks through a financial institution, they can trust that their account information is protected because their bank or credit union already has access to any sensitive data needed to place a check order. Many banks and credit unions partner with a preferred check provider, like Main Street, Inc., that prioritizes security at every step of the printing process, from order placement to delivery to protect confidential accountholder data. 

Financial institutions conduct thorough due diligence when selecting preferred vendors to ensure their partners adhere to strict compliance and security standards. At Main Street, our dedicated Compliance Department supplies Due Diligence documents such as a SOC 2 Type II Report, Letter of Attestation, Security Incident Response Policy, and more to our financial institution clients. This Due Diligence process ensures our client’s and accountholder’s information is kept secure. 

Check fraud accounts for the most significant dollar amount of financial loss which makes high security checks an appealing option for many consumers. At Main Street, our high-security check options for both business and personal use help safeguard our clients from fraud with multiple layers of defense, including:  

  • A “Void” pantograph that appears when a check is copied 
  • A visible and unreplicable watermark when high security checks are held up to the light  
  • A high-resolution warning band and microprint signature line that appear when the check is copied 
  • A 3D hologram foil fused to the front of each original check 

Learn more about the benefits of high security checks.  

Reason #2 – Quality & Affordability

Believe it or not, the quality of your checks matters. Checks obtained from your financial institution comply with stringent Check 21 standards and are printed on high-quality check stock, effectively minimizing the risk of check fraud.  

At Main Street, for instance, our commitment to quality is evident in our use of check stock that is embedded with fluorescent security fibers and sensitive stain indicators, showcasing our dedication to the security of our client’s financial transactions. 

Additionally, many preferred check providers that partner exclusively with banks and credit unions offer added security features at no extra cost as part of a comprehensive quality assurance package. For example, Main Street checks feature heat-sensitive security icons on all our standard check stock, making them significantly more challenging for scammers to replicate.   

That explains the quality, but what about affordability? many financial institutions provide exclusive discounts or even free checks to their accountholders based on their account type, such as Student Checking or Senior Checking, making them an appealing and affordable choice for many consumers. Most banks and credit unions will also issue free reprints or replacements in case of lost mail, typos, or other printing issues.  

 In essence, the quality and affordability of checks directly from your financial institution can’t be overstated.  

Reason #3 – Timely Delivery

When it comes to receiving your checks promptly, ordering from your bank or credit union often beats third-party check vendors by a mile. At Main Street, we understand the importance of prompt delivery, which is why we prioritize efficient order processing and fast shipping. 

On average, most of our orders have an impressive 24-hour turnaround time from when you place your order to when it’s shipped out. What’s more, all our personal check orders are shipped via First-Class Mail at an affordable price, eliminating the need for accountholders to pay extra for expedited shipping. 

Our clients and their accountholders receive their checks in 3 to 5 business days on average. By contrast, many other check vendors rely on standard bulk mail, resulting in frustrating waits of 3-4 weeks. 

By choosing a preferred check provider associated with your bank or credit union, you may be able to benefit from more swift and reliable delivery, ensuring you have what you need when you need it most.  

Reason #4 – Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is another compelling reason to order checks directly from your bank or credit union. When accountholders choose this route, they benefit from personalized assistance from knowledgeable staff members who understand their unique needs.  

Many preferred check vendors, like Main Street, offer seamless integration with our clients’ online banking platform, simplifying the check-ordering process and ensuring accurate account and personal data. Moreover, our clients and their accountholders can quickly request new checks or place exact reorders without navigating confusing external websites or divulging payment information to unfamiliar vendors.  

At Main Street, our commitment to exceptional service is evidenced by our rapid response times. We typically answer calls in 30 seconds or less, and every call is handled by a live representative.  

By choosing a preferred check provider affiliated with a financial institution, consumers not only receive high-quality checks and swift delivery, but they also enjoy unparalleled customer service tailored to their specific needs. 

Reason #5 – Supporting Local Businesses

There are several benefits to shopping and banking locally. For starters, local financial institutions value customer service more than big commercial banks. They also select small-business vendors, such as Main Street, to provide excellent and personable customer service with a dedicated person instead of a frustrating robot.  

Consumers can also make a difference in the lives of those in their communities by banking locally. When ordering checks from a community bank or credit union, consumers are also supporting a local business that reinvests in their community’s economy. Choosing to bank local opens the door for positive community benefits like helping a friend or family member buy their first vehicle or home, sponsorships of local non-profits and schools, taxes used to build local parks or repair roads, and so much more.  

Consumers have the power to make a difference through the economic trickle-down of ordering through a community bank or credit union. Bank local, spend local, save local – all by getting your checks closer to home. 

Get Better Checks from Local Financial Institutions That Care

Checks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But like so much else these days, the temptation to buy your checks online can be hard to resist. There’s little harm in browsing or buying furniture, clothes, or even cars online. But when it comes to your checks, it’s best to think before you add something to your cart. 

At Main Street, we use a quarter century of experience when enhancing our check products for 21st-century consumers. Get your checks from your local bank or credit union and know that everything possible has been done to ensure quality, security, and service. 

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