Payment Books

Improve your on–time loan payments and reduce hassles over late fees with our payment books. Each professionally bound book of payment coupons includes the account holder’s information, the remittance information, the due date and amount due, plus the amount of any applicable late fees.


  • Portability & convenience for installment loans
  • Cost–effective pricing
  • Simplified ordering
  • Easy set–up process


  • 3 Standard colors available—green, blue or gray
  • Ability to customize with FI black & white logo on cover
  • Available in 12 to 120 payments (60 payments max per book)
  • Includes message lines for advertising, special notifications or late payment information
  • Automated payment processing options to add scan lines
Main Street Payment Books

Standard Payment Book

Payment Book - Blue


Optional black & white logo on front

Color Options:
Payment Books Color Options - Blue, Green, Gray

Sample Insert

Payment Book - Sample Insert

Sample Coupon

Payment Book - Sample Coupon


Three 40 BYTE message lines are available on each coupon. Messages can be variable by month with an overriding first and last message.

Payment books available with a MICR scan.

Integrated mailing labels included.

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