Main Street, Inc. Acquires Marketing Technology Software Provider Onovative

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Main Street, Inc., the leading provider of data-driven print services to community financial institutions across the nation, announced today the acquisition of Onovative, an automated marketing technology software provider based in Louisville, Kentucky.

The purchase of Onovative further enhances Main Street’s marketing services solutions. Onovative’s automated marketing platform enables banks and credit unions the ability to segment account holders, communicate effectively based on their current and likely next product, and consolidate multiple marketing functions in one user-friendly platform. By strategically combining marketing automation and a customer relationship management (CRM) system with a communications platform, Onovative gives financial institutions a smarter, more affordable way to connect with account holders in the markets they serve.

Ted Walton, President of Main Street, Inc. said, “Main Street’s previous investments in digital marketing and print will be significantly amplified with the addition of Onovative’s automated marketing platform. Our ability to engage consumers at every point along the consumer cycle will be a powerful tool for financial institutions and any business looking to grow relationships and revenue with their customers.”

The Onovative marketing technology platform strengthens existing marketing solutions built on data, simplicity, and affordability for community banks and credit unions. This acquisition, as well as the investments made over the last six years, is evidence of Main Street’s strategic commitment to serve community financial institutions.

Onovative will continue to operate in Louisville, Kentucky, under its current brand as a subsidiary of Main Street, Inc. Onovative’s founders and management team contributed significant equity to the new subsidiary and will continue to focus on growing Onovative and improving its product offerings. Onovative plans to immediately hire more developers in the Louisville community due to Main Street’s investment.

“I’m incredibly proud of what our small team has accomplished over the years, and I am looking forward to building on that success,” said Michael Browning, CEO of Onovative, LLC. “Our customers have been integral in shaping our products through their feedback. Main Street’s investment and experience will allow us to react to customer feedback more quickly and grow the product faster.”

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