Main Street Expands Its Catalog with 21 New Personal Check Designs

Main Street is pleased to introduce a collection of 21 new personal check designs, enriching its product catalog. The designs were created by Main Street’s award-winning creative team and encompass a wide spectrum of themes, from playful holiday motifs to patriotic expressions, designed with a trend-forward approach. This expansion diversifies the offerings available to financial institutions, enabling them to provide their customers with an array of contemporary, meaningful, and engaging options.

The Refreshed Check Categories Include:
• Gift Checks
• One & Two Scene Expressions
• Four Scene Expressions


Gift Checks

The Gift Checks category is now even better with 5 new designs added, making a total of 6 diverse holiday choices.

These new designs include:
• Holiday
• Gifts Galore
• Happy Hanukkah Dreidel
• Happiness & Prosperity
• Celebrations in Blue and Gold
• Happy Holidays Winter Scene

One Scene Expressions and Two Scene Expressions

The One & Two Scene category welcomes 9 new designs, designed with a focus on trending events and meaningful causes.
• Pink Ribbon
• Paw Prints
• Thin Blue Line – Law Enforcement
• Thin Red Line – Fire Service
• Thin Green Line – Armed Forces
• Christian Fish
• African American Women
• Whimsy

Four Scene Expressions

The Four Scene Expressions category introduces 7 new designs, setting it apart with its unique feature of 4 different design variations per theme.
• Honoring Our Veterans
• Playful Pups
• Adorable Kittens
• Springtime
• Let’s Go Camping
• Day of The Dead
• Cowgirl

Main Street’s commitment to creating meaningful and contemporary designs underscores its dedication to listening to its customers. As a company deeply rooted in community-minded values and firmly focused on its customers, Main Street stays at the forefront of the times, offering fresh and engaging design options that resonate with the ever-evolving preferences of its valued customers.

View the new check designs here: New-Check-Designs

View the Updated Catalog here: Product Catalog

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