Ted Walton, President of Main Street, Inc., speaks on the Main Street brand and the company’s growth plans in an ever-changing marketplace.

What changes in the marketplace will dictate growth in your category of business?

Main Street is in a unique place in that regard. While everyone agrees that check usage is declining, we also recognize that check writers are generally the most valuable account holders. Keeping that constituency happy is critical to the 1,800+ local banking partners we serve.

At the same time, consumers are becoming more community-focused in their purchasing decisions as the next generation’s preferences take hold. The key for Main Street in both environments is to continue providing the highest standards in its check programs while expanding the heritage of exemplary customer service into the new services being offered in 2016.

How did the name Main Street come about? Why do you believe that concept is still relevant?

We love the Main Street brand on two different levels. First, every town in America has a main street as the center of commerce and activity within the community where banks have been a traditional pillar. Our brand speaks to the variety of products and services you will find with us much like what you would find in a city’s center.

Main Street also represents a traditional value system which community banks epitomize including integrity, relationship and customer focus. Our name and logo convey what we represent—common people sharing common values to provide uncommon service for the greater good of the communities we serve.

Published in the 2016 January issue of ICBA Independent Banker
® magazine.

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